Twist o’ the Mist, Niagara Falls

 Twist o' the Mist, Niagara Falls, New York, USA

At the very edge of the USA, right by the Rainbow Bridge which connects the Niagara Falls in New York with the Niagara Falls in Ontario there is an ice cream parlour in the shape of a sundae.

It’s a surviving building from the old Twistee Treat franchise which was founded in 1983. Identical ice cream sundae-shaped buildings sprung up across the USA and Canada. When the chain went bankrupt, ownership of the buildings went to the franchisees. Some even kept the name Twistee Treat (which should be interesting as a new Twistee Treat franchise seems to have started up.) It turns out that there’s quite a few original Twistee Treat buildings¬†still in use.

Pretty obviously, this one changed its name. “Twist o’ the Mist” (a conglomeration of Twistee Treat and Maid of the Mist), doesn’t make a whole lot of sense once you think about it. But it sells ice cream, so who cares?

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