The Great North East America Road Trip!

Richard Peevers Great North East Road Trip 2013

I was up till 3am last night. I’m on a mission, planning the first of my summer vacations: The Great North East America Road Trip!

Planning road trips, especially big ones, is a juggling act. While I’d love to see Boldt Castle on St Lawrence River, it would divert just far enough from my main trajectory that I might not be able to see the world’s largest coffee pot over in Maine. So much to see, so much I can’t see! I have to be very picky.

My road trips start out as hand written scrawls before turning into a document that wouldn’t look out of place in a military campaign.

The Great North East America Road Trip will form a double duty: the daytime will be sightseeing, the evenings will be a writing retreat. I can’t wait to finally have some undisturbed time to write.

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