The Cintas Truck Mannequin, Muncie IN

Muncie's Cintas Truck

Back when I visited Muncie in early 2012, there were three things I knew I had to photograph: the 1950s “Mr Speedee” McDonald’s sign; the abandoned 1940s auto shop downtown and this. A mannequin in a truck, raised almost to the height of the traffic lights.

I couldn’t find out much about it, except that it’s been there since the 1970s. It originally advertised the Midwest Towel company, but is now decked out with the Cintas logo (what was Midwest Towel is now owned by Cintas).

Cintas Truck Muncie Peevers

It’s an odd sign, don’t you think? Some people say the wheels on the truck spin, but I’ve never seen that. The mannequin stands awkwardly, head twisted to one side, modelling (I assume) Cintas uniforms. He looms over the street like a benificent, well-dressed angel. A uniformed guardian of the crossroads.

Cintas Mannequin Truck Sign
Jackson & Madison, Muncie IN
Hours: Visible 24/7

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  1. Richard,
    I grew up in Muncie, my late father’s office was right down the street. Midwest towel sign the wheels in 1970’s did in fact turn. They also had the driver who was dressed liked the Maytag man now to include the red bow tie. it also had local time and how many days they were accident free.

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