Quaker Oats Ghost Sign, Binghamton, New York

Quaker Oats Ghost Sign, Binghamton, New York

On State Street, just north of Henry in Binghamton is this surprisingly well-preserved ghost sign. The building it’s on is now boarded up and closed. It’s partially obscured by the one-storey structure that must post-date it.

There are several elements here:

1) The most eye catching part is the Quaker Oats centre-piece. I can’t date this—the logo doesn’t look familiar,

2) Across the top and left side it’s advertising the building, “STORAGE WARE-HOUSES” (it looks like a plural, doesn’t it?),

3) This is a great example of one sign painted on top of another. There are at least two more remnants here–behind the Quaker Oats ad is some illegible text, and in the top right, a CH is visible… I wonder what it came from.

Dating these various signs is really tough. The earliest could date as early as the last decade of the 19th century and the latest is unlikely to be after the 1930s.

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