Other Roadside Attractions: Titanic Edition

I just realised (thank you New York Times crossword!) that 100 years ago, in April 1912, the Titanic sank.

There are plenty of Titanic-related attractions to see:

  1. Find out what it was like to die in the freezing cold! Relieve the whole sinking in the gigantic Titanic: The Experience in Orlando, Florida!
  2. Visit the 30-foot Titanic memorial in Washington DC, at the western end of P Street SW!
  3. In Manhattan there’s a Titanic Memorial Lighthouse at Pearl and Fulton. (Note to self: I must go see this soon.)
  4. Don’t forget that some survivors of the Titanic were housed at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City!
  5. See the Titanic Museum in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts!
  6. Another Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri has declared 2012 “Year of the Titanic”. This worries me.
  7. If you’re in Mississippi, why not see the replica Titanic built for the 1997 movie?
(Image of Titanic departing Southampton in the UK on April 10, 1912 by F.G.O. Stuart.)
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