Off-Season in Wildwood, New Jersey

To me, there’s nothing more fascinating than a seaside resort off-season. I find myself hopelessly attracted to these places—places I wouldn’t be seen dead in during the summer. A friend of mine recently described my work as “wistful.” He may be onto something. Here’s some photos I took yesterday during a walking tour of the beach and boardwalk at Wildwood, New Jersey.

Wildwood Beach


Rollercoaster. Wildwood, New Jersey


Under the Boardwalk (down by the sea). Wildwood, New Jersey

Under the boardwalk (down by the sea).

Urinals (surprisingly clean). Wildwood, New Jersey.

Urinals (surprisingly clean).

Cheesesteaks. Pizza. Wildwood, New Jersey

Cheesesteaks. Pizza.

Empty beach, low buildings. Wildwood, New Jersey.

1950s motels.

Chairs on the beach. Wildwood, New Jersey

Two chairs with no one sitting in them.

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