Lawton Dry Cleaners. Brattleboro, Vermont

Lawton Dry Cleaners in Brattleboro, Vermont, closed in 2013 but it left behind both a magnificent building and sign.

Lawton Dry Cleaners Sign. Brattleboro, Vermont

The sign is mid-century with the building somewhat earlier. This whole place is a bit of a mystery to me.  First is the name “Lawton.” This business was owned by Gordon Adams from 1978 until it closed. Before then, presumably, it was owned by the Lawton family. Now, the Lawtons have played an important role in Brattleboro’s history: they appear in local news stories going back to the nineteenth century; there’s a street named after them and they have a flooring business elsewhere in town. So, how did this business fit into the family empire and what happened to it?

Lawton Dry Cleaners. Brattleboro, Vermont

Then there’s the building itself. Was it originally built as a dry cleaners? If so, why does it have the large awning? This awning looks like part of a gas station, but the rest of the building does now. So, what purpose was the building originally designed for?

So many questions and so few answers. If you have any information, please leave a comment below!

Lawton Dry Cleaners
: 89 Elliot St, Brattleboro, VT 05301
Visible: 24/7

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