He Fell out of an Airplane

The Boy Mayor of New York, John Purroy Mitchel was mayor from 1914-1917, most of World War I. A leading Reformer, he lost reelection in 1917. The country was at war. What was an ex-Boy Mayor to do?

Now aged a sprightly 38, he joined the Air Service. The United States Air Service was bright, shiny and new at that point. Having been formed in May 1918, they’d barely taken the wrapping paper off.

John Purroy Mitchel, Boy Mayor of New York, died on July 6th, 1918. He fell out of his training airplane. He’d forgotten to fasten his seatbelt. A somewhat ignominious end.

The golden monument dedicated to him is in Central Park, New York City. Walk west along 90th until you get to the Park. If you’re driving, don’t forget to strap in.

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