Greyhound Bus Station, Binghamton NY

Greyhound Bus Station, Binghamton NY

I first heard that Binghamton, New York had one of the few remaining Art Deco Greyhound Bus stations many years ago. It was shortly after my friends Autumn and Rene had moved there and I was investigating the place. This bus station is one of the first places that made me want to see weird history/roadside attractions in the USA. I never thought I’d see it, nonetheless it had a special place in my heart.

I moved to New York a couple of years ago and since then, I’ve been thinking up excuses to go to Binghamton. Then one cropped up: I decided to go on a roadtrip of upstate New York and New England. First stop? Binghamton’s Greyhound Bus Station.

They demolished all but the façade a few years ago, giving Binghamton a more modern bus station. I’m thankful they retained at least the frontage, but I’m so saddened I’ll never get to see the Art Deco interior, the ticket booths, the stairwell. I’ve looked over photos and I know how much has been lost.

Built in 1938, it’s a little gem of Streamline Moderne, that pared-down form of late Art Deco. It seems so small. I’m reminded of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim or Fallingwater—the closed in walls and ceilings make them quite claustrophobic. I’ll never know what the inside of this building felt like.

I hope soon to see its big brother, the Greyhound Bus Station that’s still complete in Cleveland, Ohio (which is a very late example of Streamline Moderne, build in 1948). Fingers crossed they don’t demolish it before I get there.

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4 Comments on “Greyhound Bus Station, Binghamton NY
  1. Wow, does that picture of the Greyhound bus station bring back a lot of great memories. I was born in Binghamton and lived there for around seven years before moving to Syracuse. Every summer my sister Elaine and I would ride the Greyhound bus from Syracuse to Binghamton to visit our grandparents. They would meet us at the bus station and we would go to their summer cabin on Deer Lake, a small lake on RT. 17 between Windsor and Deposit. You talk about going back in time! The outside of the station looks exactly as I remember it.Thanks for posting it. Herb.

  2. I grew up in Binghamton and my dad drove for Greyhound from 1953-1983. I remember spending a lot of time in the old terminal.
    Those times there with my dad in his uniform were some of my best memories.

  3. Thanks for the great photo! Any idea on the date of the major change of the bus station? I am in the midst of reading a great book on the architect of several of the Greyhound stations from pre-WWII to the late 1950s and checking to see which are still standing. Totally jealous of the travelling you get to do. I’m an architectural historian and one of the things on my bucket list is to see all the state capitol building in one long road trip. Perhaps I’ll win the lottery, or better yet find a way to finance it by working on the architecture around the country. Thanks again for the great info!

  4. Thank you for visiting! There are some truly beautiful Greyhound stations, aren’t there? For this one, all that’s left is the (stunning) façade, the rest of the building is essentially new. If you’re in NYS, the one in Buffalo is worth checking out. There are survivors dotted around the country (Blytheville AK is glorious, for example).

    Your State Capitols Road Trip sounds awesome! After seeing the Indianapolis capitol building, go south for about an hour to Bedford, home of quarries that provided the limestone for the vast majority of state capitols. I you can get a flavor of it from this little piece I wrote here.

    Keep traveling!!!

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