Fireproof! A gigantic neon sign in Columbus, Ohio

So it’s Columbus, Ohio and we find this great big—huge—neon sign. It’s three storeys tall, which is seriously impressive. It doesn’t work any more—but that’s a minor aside.

There’s even a ghost-sign on the side of the building. Be still my beating heart!

It looks like there was a contract to construct this building awarded in 1913 (here and here). This makes sense as Fireproof’s own website says they started in 1909.

If you nose around the web, you’ll see lots of people say the building is from 1906 and that the company was also founded in 1906. I can only assume they got this idea when an unskilled practitioner tried to read the date upside down.

The building itself is pretty ugly, and no ornate white-glazed frontage is going to hide this fact. “I’m here to protect people’s stuff from fires, not look pretty!” It declares. It’s so mindblowingly fireproof that it’s even a designated fallout shelter. In case of nuclear war you all know where to go (see map below).

The sign has some quite delightful Art Deco trimmings. It’s really quite impressively large, especially as it’s probably a relic from the 1930s. But it needs a little TLC. A lot, really. Not only does it not light up, but it’s rusting and corroded. Colours bleeding.

Maybe it’s beyond hope.

Unlike the building, it wasn’t designed to last forever.

The Fireproof Warehouse and Storage Co.
Address: Fireproof Records, 1024 N High Street, Columbus Ohio
Hours: Visible 24/7

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