Edgar Allen Poe’s House, Baltimore MD

Edgar Allen Poe’s house has closed to the public. A couple of years ago, the city of Baltimore stopped funding the museum. It’s been vandalised. It’s future ain’t looking too rosy.

I’ve read many handwringing articles about the closure of the Edgar Allen Poe House. Most of the authors seem surprised or confused that the place has closed. It’s pretty clear that most of the authors never visited the house. There’s a simple—and sad—reason why it has been defunded while e.g. the Babe Ruth museum downtown hasn’t been. It’s in the projects. People were probably too scared to go visit.

There’s a sign on the door (the photo above isn’t mine, maybe taken before the sign was put up) saying “do not handle any money outside”. It also tells you to knock and wait for a reply.

I visited a few years back. Sadly I didn’t take any photos, sorry. It’s well worth a look if you can get in. Entering by the front door, you walk into the parlour. Converted into a gift shop and surveillance station, cameras are positioned around the house, on the doors and the windows. You have entered a claustrophobic fortress.

It’s creepy, it’s weird, it’s odd. It’s out of place. It’s exactly what the Edgar Allen Poe house and museum should be.

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