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Not Melissa Maddonni Haims at Philadelphia (1 of 1)

Shortly before I flew into Philadelphia airport this week, I was reminded that Melissa Maddonni Haims had an exhibition of her knitted cakes there, titled “Cake!” Now, Philadelphia is a big airport and I didn’t have a lot of time(1)

Undeterred, I used my precious time to go to Terminal D, where I’d heard the cakes were. Who the hell leaves from Terminal D? I’ve been to Philly many times but I’ve only ever visited Terminals B, C and F. I didn’t think D was even an operational terminal!(2) By the time I’d walked the entire length of the terminal, I was greeted by three empty display cases.

Dammit!!!! I’d missed the bloody exhibition (a quick search on my phone revealed I’d missed it by about six weeks). As Maddonni Haims herself points out in an interview (and this feels like a direct statement to me: it’s true, but it cuts to the heart!):

We’re all here for a finite time, and art is, too

Particularly appropriate for an airport terminal, then.

Oh well. I look forward to some day seeing one of her Yarn Bombs. Learn more from her website here and her twitter is here.(3)

UPDATE! Check out Melissa Maddonni Haims’ response!

1) Unbeknownst to me my flight had been delayed. So while I did, in fact, have a lot of time this isn’t germane to the story at this point and does nothing except serve to deflate tension.
2) There were people there, so it almost definitely is in use.
3) Yes, the title of the post is a reference to this band. No, I don’t know why. Blimey, that video looks dated. I still feel sorry for the fish.

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