Bird’s Eye View of the 1901 World’s Fair. Buffalo, NY

Bird's Eye View of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

Over the last few days we’ve taken a tour of what’s left of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition (aka the 1901 World’s Fair) at Buffalo, New York. To help put it all together, to give you some context, I’ve dug up this map from 1901.

Starting in the bottom left and working our way up:

  1. You see that building in the very bottom left? That’s what’s now the Albright Wing of the Albright-Knox gallery. Although scheduled for completion in 1901, it wasn’t finished till 1905. This map may be more aspirational than real.
  2. The New York State Pavilion is a little under half-way up on the left hand side (on the lake). That’s now the Buffalo History Museum.
  3. Moving up and inward a little, do you see that horseshoe shaped structure? The tallest part of that is the Temple of Music, where President McKinley was shot.
  4. Moving north of this, you see the smaller cluster of buildings in the top left of the Fair? That’s the Midway, where the Dreamland attraction stood.

My favourite thing about this map is that the Fair is entirely surrounded by green fields. It’s all built up now. I wonder if this is an accurate reflection of this area of Buffalo in 1901 or if the artist is being “aspirational” again.

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