1930s Concrete Wine Bottle. Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

As you drive into Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, you’ll wizz by a 25-foot tall concrete champagne bottle. No, really, you will.

Renault Winery, Concrete Milk Bottle. Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

If you nose around online, you’ll find lots of people saying it was put there in the 1920s. Given that Prohibition was in full-swing at that time, this is highly unlikely. It’s far more likely that it was put there in the 1930s after the repeal of Amendment XVIII.

Renault Winery Advertisement

Advertisement from The Pittsburgh Press, December 14, 1942

It is said that the Renault Winery put up a good number of these concrete bottles around the country. I’m not sure I believe this. That the four surviving bottles are within a short drive of the winery doesn’t suggest to me they were very widespread.

In any case, the four survivors (of which this is the best-preserved, probably because it’s next to the winery itself) are all New Jersey Historical Landmarks.

I think my favorite feature of this wine bottle is that it has built in-illumination, so even drivers at night can fantasize about having a drink.

Renault Winery, Concrete Milk Bottle. Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Concrete Wine Bottle from the 1930s
Address: 1699 White Horse Pike, Egg Harbor City, NJ
Visible: 24/7
Website: Renault Winery

More about the history here, although beware some loosey-goosey fact-checking.

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